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Either We Will Find A Way,
We Will Make Either a Way ...

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Our Understanding of Advocacy ...

He approaches the law not only with professional thought but with an artistic diligence. For us, law, in its simplest terms; It is our way of expressing our client and ourselves, as well as protecting rights. 

For this reason, our law firm; in the professionalism of being the writer of the book, not the reader; It continues its activities with the awareness of production and creativity.

Required Experience

The experience you need, the result you want.

Path to Success

Litigation and up-to-date case law information.



Attorney-Client Privacy

Strictly abiding by the confidentiality rules regarding both client information and office information.

Time and Reliability

Based on the principle that delayed justice is not justice, we inform the individuals and institutions we represent all the results we foresee regarding their legal problems and act quickly and persistently to reach a legal result with all our efforts within the framework of the information provided to us.

Sectoral Expertise

With a vision that believes in the rule of law and closely follows developments, it is ensured that the rights of individuals and institutions we represent in an environment of trust are protected by acting respectfully to laws and professional ethical values.


In our office, consultancy services are provided in accordance with the legal facts and the characteristics of the concrete event. In cases where it is appropriate to initiate a legal process, detailed information is given about the costs and the attorney's fee during the first meeting, and uncertainties on this issue are eliminated.

Quality management

Thanks to the "Zero Error and Error Preventive Approach" we have adopted, instead of the concept of time, quality and error-free service is targeted. For the satisfaction of our clients, it is aimed to meet the current and future expectations that come with change and to exceed these expectations.

About Us

In our office, we value client relationships and try to learn about our clients' goals and expectations in order to identify their legal and commercial needs. We aim to provide the most appropriate services for these needs and focus on the value we can create for our clients.

Service in All Fields of Law

In our office, services are offered under two general headings as consultancy services and dispute resolution services. Consultancy services generally include the provision of written or oral counseling, the preparation and negotiation of relevant contracts, legal review and reporting. Dispute resolution services, on the other hand, include representation of clients in arbitration and alternative dispute resolution processes, as well as services related to litigation and enforcement proceedings.

Antalya'da ÜNSAL MAHALLESİ 6092 ADA 1 PARSELDE kooperatif dairelerinin birçok kişiye satıldığı
iddiasıyla suç duyurusu


Antalya Adliyesi’ne gelen yaklaşık 20 Kooperatif üyesi, kooperatif sorumluları hakkındaki şikayet dilekçelerini savcılığa verdikten sonra gazetecilere açıklamalarda bulundu.

Şikayetçilerden Mehmet Ali Bayuk, ev sahibi olmak için arsayla araç takası yaparak veya nakit para vererek Kepez ilçesi Ünsal Mahallesi’nde konut inşa eden kooperatife katıldıklarını söyledi.

Sistemden kayıtları kontrol ettiklerinde kooperatifin 36 daireye karşılık 200’e yakın üye aldığını fark etiklerini iddia eden Bayuk, “Kooperatif yetkililerine ulaşamadık. Bir dairenin birkaç kişiye satıldığı ortaya çıktı. Şu anda hala kayıt alınıyor ve evleri satmaya devam ediyorlar.” dedi.